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CricHeroes is India's most widely used live score app.

On the Android platform, Cricheroes has 4.6 ratings and more than 5 million downloads.

CricHeroes already had a high DAU and a great number of impressions

But the revenue was not satisfactory when their ads were served by Google AdMob.

CricHeroes' in-app ad revenue increased by 95% as a result of AdPumb's ad mediation tactics, which effectively auctioned off the company's inventory to all demand sources concurrently and gave the client the greatest eCPMs.

How CricHeroes choose AdPumb?

AdPumb began incorporating our robust mediation tactics into their mix, wherein we started A/B testing with 50% of their traffic. A/B testing compared the effectiveness of the ad traffic between AdPumb and AdMob.

Monetization was much more effective with in-app bidding tactics by AdPumb.

AdPumb increased eCPM to raise revenue from impressions without removing Ad placements, maintaining the user experience.

AdPumb specializes in optimizing ad yield, and we make sure your ads get implemented appropriately.