How to Find the Best Ad Mediation Platform?

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Learn these Pro Tips to Find the Best Mobile Ad Mediation Platform

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1. Nature of the App

Every app is unique in nature. That means every app has its own targeted geography, nature and demographics. While choosing an ad mediation you need to consider the nature of your app.

2. SDK Integration

The next tip is to examine SDK integration of various ad mediation platforms Many platforms have difficult integration process. AdPumb has only an easy integration to perform.

3. Ad Demand Supply

Next important tip is to examine the number of Ad Demand partners that a mediation platform supports. With AdPumb, you will get benefits from 50+ high demand partners in a single integration.



High-Demand Partners

4. Transparency

Platforms for ad mediation maximise income by letting the most pertinent and lucrative ad win each auction. To optimise the growth potential of the app, it should also provide data security, total transparency, and control.

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