Global Report on Mobile eCPM in 2022

Publishers could optimize their app monetization strategy, if they knew the eCPM estimate in 2022

Let's have a look on eCPM estimate for different Ad Formats

Banner Ads eCPM Report 2022

World wide eCPM report of banner ads is lower than rewarded and interstitial Ads depending on the size and geographical area.

Rewarded Ads eCPM Report 2022

Rewarded video ads are full-screen adverts that consumers can view in return for in-app prizes,

Interstitial Ads eCPM Report 2022

Interstitial ads allow users to skip the ad after a time.

Increase eCPM Rates for In-App Ads

Increase the eCPM rate by optimising your App. USA has high eCPM value, thus Improve the user traffic from USA in your App.

Use Different Ad Formats

Try to acquire high paying users

Try ad mediation

Ad mediation is the management of multiple ad networks through a single SDK to help publishers increase CPMs