Do you know how to increase your app's eCPM?

6 Amazing Tips to Increase Your App's eCPM

Here are the 

1. Testing Different Ad Formats

By testing different ad formats you can find the best performing ad formats. Native ads, rewarded ads and interstitial  ads are some of the examples for ad formats.

2. Use Different Ad Placements

Testing different ad placements helps to identify potential hits . Changes should get carefully monitored; there should be no loss of retention rates or uninstalls of your app. Display Ads when the user is most engaged, but do not disrupt the in-app experience.

3. Make Use of Different Ad Networks

There are different types of ad networks available in the market. Make use of different alternatives and fin d the best profitable network for you.

4. Ad Mediation

When compared to employing many single Ad networks, every app developer obtains better results when incorporating an Ad mediation platform into their application.

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5. Get High Paying Users

Ad spent is different in different nations based on purchasing power, income level, population, consumer data etc. Focusing on Tier1 nations is a beneficial to get higher revenue. 

6. Improves App Experience

If your app has a nice interface that engages the user, helps to increase active time on the app. By incorporating  ad units without breaking the UI, will helps to increase eCPMs.