Do you know How AdPumb Mediation Differs from Other Networks? 

Learn more about AdPumb and its Features

What is AdPumb?

AdPumb is a leading ad mediation platform that helps publishers to maximize revenue by controlling eCPM and Fill rates.

How we Works?

We open up your inventory to multiple ad sources. Integrating our lightweight SDK aids app publishers realize revenue like never before. AdPumb provides high-revenue ad formats by managing your ad placements and effectively turning your mobile apps into top-earning hits from premium ad networks.

What are the Features of AdPumb?

1. Effective Mediation

Our bid comparison engine utilizes several parameters to confirm which Ad network gets awarded each impression.

2. Supply Load Balancing

Working with closed networks take advantage of an unexpected rise in supply by auto-updating eCPM. You reap all the benefits by dispersing your inventory across several networks at once.

3. Segmentation

Based on device type, page group, and country, AdPumb categorizes traffic into several audience segments. We record historical performance data and predict network performance.

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