Do you know what is mobile ad fraud?

Mobile Ad Fraud 

Mobile Ad Fraud is a type of activity that aims to gain revenue from mobile ads. Generally these ads don not have the potential to get viewed by the users

How Does it Work?

There are different categories of ad fraud exist based on how it is executed.

1. Real User and Device, but Fake Action

Scammers make spam clicks and steal installs. This will leads to increase CTR with lower retention.

2. Real User and Device with Manipulated Action

Fraud people try to manipulated actions by using VPN. It causes viewability issues and spam clicks.

3. Fake Action by the Fake User with Real Device 

Scammers try to act like real users on real devices.

4. Fake Action by Fake User through Fake Device

Scammers use bots to manipulate actions of real users.

Working with an expert team can assist you to stop Mobile app frauds and Maximize ad revenue