What are the Benefits of In-game Ads with AdPumb?

1. Enhance Brand Visibility

In-game advertisements can assist firms in gaining visibility in advertising channels when competition is still minimal. Choosing the right in-game advertising format can also assist differentiate the company from the competition and reach the target demographic.

2. Collect Analytics

In-game advertising can be a great approach to gather specialised data and broaden customer awareness. Apart from other analytical data, you may also learn about the usual gamer profile and how much time your target audience spends playing games.

3. Improve User Experience

The optimum user experience is provided by ad units incorporated into your game loop. Giving consumers free benefits like coins in exchange for watching or interacting with commercials at key periods in the game, for example, can make the experience that much more gratifying.

4. Increase the number of In-app Purchase

In-game adverts, when combined with the correct mobile gaming strategy, can increase in-app purchases by 6x. Ad units that are part of the in-game economy, such as rewarded commercials, provide consumers with a taste of the IAPs available and highlight the value of in-game items.

5. Increase Engagement

Ads integrated successfully into the game loop can help engage users and enhance retention.