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Top Mobile Game Monetization Trends 2022

The ability to contact the target population depending on the demographics of the app makes in-app  advertising a viable marketing strategy.

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In-App Ads


Additional content or subscriptions can be purchased within an app through in-app purchases.  In-app purchases are not available in every app.

In-App Purchases

Subscription Model

A subscription model is when users are charged for the services or content they access outside of your  business or on a website. Monthly, quarterly, or yearly payments are all possible.

Paid mobile games are when a user purchases a game for a one-time cost . Since these games are  frequently expensive, there are probably no adverts in them.

Paid games

To increase revenue, the hybrid monetization approach combines in-app advertisements with  in-app purchases.

Hybrid Monetization Model

Best mobile game monetization solution that assists developers in generating the most revenue for their app while increasing user retention and engagement.