3 things that are not do with banner ads 

1. Ads adjacent to interactive elements

One of the main reasons for unintentional clicks within apps is the proximity of banner ads to other app elements. They shouldn’t be placed very near to app content/interactive app elements to prevent accidental clicks

2. Ad sandwiched between app items

Have a look at the interactive app content and the custom app navigation/menu buttons at the bottom are seen in the banner ad sample below as sandwiched between the ad. When users are more engaged with the app, they are more likely to see this banner ad more than once. As a result, they are more likely to accidentally click the banner ad in this context.

3. Ad overlapping with app content

Banner ads shouldn’t hover over the content of an app and pop up or be positioned over the content of the scrolling menu of an app. Additionally, they shouldn’t move with a user’s scroll because people can mistakenly click on the ad while trying to click on the menu.