Learn How Ryn VPN Manages to Get 200% Ad Revenue Hike With AdPumb?

Ryn VPN, founded in 2019, is a fast and trusted VPN secure proxy master that encrypts user data and safely connects to blocked websites and apps.

About Ryn

Ryn VPN is now one of the best VPN services in the UAE, with over 1 million downloads.

Without proper monetization strategies, Ryn VPN metrics – eCPM and fill rates were below par, and Ad revenue was low.

Challenges Ryn VPN faced before integrating with AdPumb

A frequent issue that needed to be solved was the complex and time-consuming setup Ryn experienced with other vendors and the low revenue associated with such vendors.

In their hunt for a more publisher-friendly Ad tech platform, the Ryn VPN team came across AdPumb through a Google search and decided to give us a shot to assist them in meeting their Ad revenue targets.

To enhance impression-level Ad revenue, the AdPumb team deployed in-app bidding with premium techniques such as eCPM optimization and fill rate management. 

In-app header bidding enhances bid competition for Ad inventory by bringing premium demand from top-tier networks and exchanges.

With our solution deployed, Ryn VPN increased eCPMs of Interstitial Ads by 2x and Native Ads by 7X, with fill rates greater than AdMob.

As a result, Ryn VPN revenue increased by 200%, and eCPM enhanced by 97%. Ryn VPN team also gained access to the reporting data required to make data-backed decisions.


Ad revenue Increase

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