Know What is eCPM & Fill rate?

This metric is a method of measuring an ad’s monetization performance based on the revenue earned per 1000 ad impressions


This is a percentage of all of publisher’s ad requests sold.


Ways to increase eCPM?

# Joining ad networks that serve your specific geographical traffic region # Setting up multiple ad networks # Testing out different ad units # Optimizing ad layouts # Setting up header bidding

Ways to Maximize Fill rate

# Run ad networks that offer 100% fill # Optimizing with multiple ad networks # Perfect Your Targeting # Flexi Ad Sizes # Ad blocking # Improve Your Site’s Speed  

Reasons Your Fill Rate Isn’t 100%

# Technical Errors # High Competition or Lack of Demand # Latency Issues # Device Compatibility # Ad Blockers # Reporting Discrepancy

Reasons for low eCPM

# By the utilization poor ad network # not having enough advertiser competition for your traffic # Slow website/app # Bad ad layout # Not utilizing the correct ad units # Some pages may banned from your ad network

A Good eCPM on a publisher website

eCPMs differ a lot depending on where the ad is placed, , your traffic geography, , seasonality, site speed, user engagement, and even your niche.

Average Fill Rate in the Industry

Most ad networks offer 20% to 30% fill rates as they prefer to provide higher eCPM at the expense of fill rates.

Our Ad mediation technique for monetization presents you with enhanced eCPMs and guaranteed 99.99% fill rates while giving you peace of mind and maximized revenue.