How to Calculate ARPU, ARPPU and ARPDAU?

ARPU, or average revenue per user, works best at estimating your average income, when compared to other metrics, such as marketing expenditures.

ARPPU is Average Revenue Per Paying User only considers the revenue generated by paying users.

ARPDAU assists you in analysing the outcomes of app upgrades, campaigns, or promotional events and can provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your revenue.

Monthly active users (MAU)

This metric indicates the total number of users who visit an app for 30 days.

Cost per acquisition or action (CPA)

This marketing statistic calculates the total cost of acquiring one paying user at the campaign or platform level.

Cost per install (CPI)

The advertiser agrees to pay the publisher a specified amount each time a user installs their application.

Lifetime value (LTV)

This key statistic in mobile company growth helps assess how valuable a user is throughout their app usage.

At AdPumb, we urge you to make data-driven business choices because having enough data and tracking the proper metrics