How Much Revenue Can You Earn from AdMob?

AdMob Rewarded Video Ads Revenue

According to a recent analysis, advertisers could expect eCPM rates to range between $10 and $50 per 1,000 impressions.

The analysis also claims that, of all the forms of mobile video ads, rewarded video ads have the highest eCPMs. The United States has the largest market share for rewarded video ads. In 2022, the average eCPM in Android was about $10.16.

In 2022, the average rewarded video eCPM for Indian traffic was roughly 1.50 USD for Android. This rate is expected to rise because the new ad format has only been in use for a few years, and adapting will take time in developing countries like India. While this is true in India, the equivalent value in the United States is roughly $13.

AdMob Rewarded Video eCPM India

In India, the eCPM for AdMob banner ads on Android was roughly 10 cents.

AdMob Banner Ads Revenue India

The United States has the highest eCPM for in-app banner ads in Android applications as of June 2022, hitting 0.61 US dollars. Canada came in second with a reported eCPM of 0.45 USD, while Australia came in third with 0.41 USD.

AdMob Banner Ads eCPM in US, Canada & Australia