Header Bidding Optimization Guide

To increase App Ad Revenue

Know before you go

Header bidding optimization maximizes revenue for publishers by optimizing the implementation and configuration of header bidding technology.

Evaluate Your Current Header Bidding Setup

The first step in optimizing header bidding is to evaluate your current setup. Review your existing header bidding partners, ad placements, and configurations.

Analyze Data and Metrics

Gather and analyze data and metrics from your header bidding setup. This may include data on ad impressions, fill rates, CPMs , click-through rates , and revenue.

Identify Underperforming Header Bidding Partners

Review the performance of your header bidding partners and identify any underperforming partners. Consider factors such as their bid rates, win rates, and revenue contribution.

Optimize Ad Placement

Review the ad placements on your website or app where header bidding is implemented.

Optimize Timeouts and Floor Prices

Adjust the timeouts and floor prices in your header bidding setup to optimize the bidding process.

Test Header Bidding Partners

Experiment with different header bidding partners to find the ones that perform best for your website or app.

Monitor and Analyze Performance

Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your header bidding setup.

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