Facebook Meta Audience Network Integration

Using Google Mediation

The Facebook Meta Audience Network allows advertisers to advertise outside of Facebook on the library of third-party apps.

Facebook Audience Network Integration Process

1. Set up Facebook Meta Audience Network

2. Set up Mediation for the unit

Next step in Facebook Audience Network integration is to set up mediation for the units. In order to configure mediation settings for your AdMob ad unit, add Meta Audience Network to the mediation configuration for your ad unit. Here, sign in to your AdMob account.

3. Import the Facebook Meta Audience Network SDK and Adapter

Here, add the implementation dependencies below with the latest versions of the Meta Audience Network SDK and adapter in the app-level build.gradle file:

4. Test your implementation

The Testing Audience Network Installation guide contains detailed instructions on how to enable Meta Audience Network test advertisements. You may then check your implementation with an ad inspector.

5. Submission

You can submit your app for assessment once you've completed integrating and testing it.

6. Go Live

You may now go live at the last step of Facebook Audience Network integration and submit information about where Facebook will distribute your money when it arrives.