Interstitial ads are interactive in nature and is a full-screen ad that mask the host app or website's interface. These advertisements are occur between the content, so they are placed at logical transitions or pauses, such as between activities or game levels.

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The Advantages of Interstitial Ads?

Look at these Benefits of Interstitial Ads

Interstitial Ads are Comprehensive in Nature


An Interstitial Ads are easy to construct rich media ads with the combination of text image and video.

More Engagement


While a person waits for a web page to load or for the next activity or level in a game to appear, interstitial ads' full-screen presence can grab their attention and create an interactive experience.

Multi-Platform Application


In the past, applications and mobile platforms have been the main places to find interstitial ads. However, these advertisements are becoming more prevalent on desktop computers, giving publishers a valuable source of income.

High CTR


In the case of Interstitial ads, users get only two options, either click the ad or to click the close button. These type of ads are fully covered the mobile screen. Because of this reason, an Interstitial ad usually keeps a higher CTR rate.