AdPumb Doubled SPL VPN's Ad Revenue!


SPL VPN – One Click VPN, launched in 2018, has over 100,000 downloads in the Android Store

SPL VPN simply offers users a high-end VPN service.


eCPM Optimization

Fill Rate Enhancement

Revenue Uplift

SPL VPN’s Objectives when working with AdPumb

Complications SPL VPN had in before AdPumb

By integrating their SDKs into the app's code, the SPL VPN team utilised SSPs like Google AdMob and FAN. The team was disappointed with the ad revenue generated even after adding these SSPs into the app code.

Following a website review, they made the decision to attempt AdPumb ad mediation because the service description seemed to fit their demands.

Why SPL Choose AdPumb?

What AdPumb did?

The AdPumb team used in-app bidding (programmatic mediation) with premium tactics such as eCPM optimization and fill rate control to increase impression-level ad revenue.


SPL VPN increased their eCPMs after using our solution, with fill rates higher than AdMob and FAN. SPL VPN revenue jumped by 2X, while eCPM climbed by 97%.